JetOne Jets American Express AccessOne Card

JetOne CardJetOne Jets has partnered with American Express to offer the new JetOne Jets American Express AccessOne Card for private jet charter. In alliance with American Express Incentive Services, JetOne is offering their clientele the opportunity to enjoy all the unique advantages of having a prepaid AccessOne Card.

The AccessOne Card is available for business travelers in denominations of $100k, $200k, $500k, and $1 million. It is a prepaid card loaded with funds worth a specific number of flying hours. This card offers a high level of convenience, confidentiality and personalized service for JetOne customers. In addition, the AccessOne Card offers fraud protection for card holders, as well as a transaction summary statement, which shows all transactions made on the card.




JetOne offers VIP services to clients by bringing many distinctive rewards, such as incentives, complimentary in-flight catering, limo service, 24 hour concierge service, bonus gifts and free jet upgrades. The AccessOne Card is elegantly packaged in a custom-made wooden box along with a keepsake signature leather carrier. That is a little weird, actually. To make you seem a little less excessive, the company is generously donating a percentage of your AccessOne purchases to the Corporate Angel Network in the your name. Corporate Angel Network? Is that the network that grants wishes to executives? No, it matches cancer patients with private jet schedules to get them where they need to go. It really sounds like a good cause.

To get a card, call (212) 966-5000.

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7 thoughts on “JetOne Jets American Express AccessOne Card

  • Business Travel Logue

    The following was e-mailed to me from a reader. I have not researched the comments so I can’t offer any input one way or another. I do have to question whether or not a company like American Express would jeopardize its good name by associating with a company with the problems JetONE allegedly has.

    “You should be made aware that JetONE Jets whom you have an article about is a dishonest company whose owners have a long history of SEC and NASD violations. They are currently involved in several open cases of fraud and further SEC and NASD violations. Including but not limited to, orchestrating a “pump and dump” scheme. if you dont believe me google “anthony ottimo and SEC or NASD” and check with the federal government as well as the SEC/NASD violations boards.

    Furthermore, now involved in the jet business the ottimos encourage their employees to cut every corner possible to make more money for them. This is even done at the expense of the safety and financial wellbeing of their clients.

    The public should be warned to stay away from JetONE Jets.

    Not to mention if you were to check within the charter jet industry you would quickly find out that JetONE does not pay their bills and constantly makes it difficult to collect payment. They have one of the worst, if not the worst reputation in the industry.

    JetONE (only in business for 8 months) has already vilotated FAA rules/FAR part 135. It is not suprising, as they have broken the law in every business they have ever been in.

    JetONE has illegally chartered what is known as a part 91 flight in clear viloation of the law.

    Please, before another writer for your site is duped by JetONE Jets high priced PR firm (Lizzy Grubman) do yourselves a favor and look into who you’re really writing about.”

  • Brian Altman

    I can vouch for this. I have first hand knowledge. There are many people like me. JetOne and the Ottimo brothers are scum. I am shocked that their house of cards is still standing. They lie, cheat and steal without conscience or regard for anyone. They have no relationship with Amex, other than being a customer of the incentive division of AE. They pay them a percentage(2.5%)in order to use the amex logo on their JetCard. Anyone could do it. If anyone mentions JetOne, do yourself a favor RUN the other way.

    ADMIN: Further comments below, consolidated from the same poster under different names:

    The Transportation Dept. continues to demonstrate its concern about the potential for charter brokers to engage in deceptive practices. The agency this month issued a consent order for the “unlawful holding out of air transportation” by the charter broker Jet One Jets (JOJ). DOT faulted JOJ’s advertising practices, saying that during 2006 the company’s Web site and print advertisements “contained statements and omissions that, when considered together, would lead the public to conclude erroneously but reasonably that JOJ is a direct air carrier with operational control.”

    I’ve had experience with these guys. They were kicked off of wall street. The Ottimo brothers should be in jail. The jet broker business is completely unregulated, otherwise they couldn’t qualify for a taxicab license. It’s ashame that Amex allows them to use their name in an attempt to garner credibility. It’s very unfortunate that they are still preying on innocent victims.

    DOT cited statements including “When you fly with Jet One,” “We offer a range of aircraft,” and that JOJ was a “full service private aviation provider.”

    The consent order directs Delaware-based JOJ to cease and desist from acting as an operator and assesses a civil penalty of $60,000,

    they still owe us money from a trip we did for them 4 mos ago. They don’t pay their bills and owe everyone money

  • danny

    Totally shocked that amex.would ever ever be in bed with these people. Who ever is in charge at amex of making these types of decisions was either asleep at the switch or not capable of doing the job they were hired to do.BOTH NOT ACCEPTABLE.AMEX GAVE THEM INSTANT CREDABILITY

  • JFF

    Dito to all of the above. Additionally, they have treated clients inappropriately, as well, e.g., inapproper billing habits.

  • Curtis Kramer

    I was employed by JetOne Jets back in October 2007. I was let go after two weeks because they claimed they were not as busy as expected. I called for my pay and I was told it was not in their policy to pay people for only two weeks work. I went to small claims court in NYC and was awarded judgement. Those guys did not even bother to show up. Now I am in the process of collecting the judgement. Needless to say, the Ottimo brothers are not cooperating. I can vouch that the Ottimo Brothers are jerks.

  • wowwy

    This is great stuff………….. I have known these guys for years. They cheat and beat each other for a buck. Funny how it’s catching up with them. I love the father at 70 years old and still pitching stock like a teenager. The whole family is a bunch of crooks from the word go. Look up all of them. There are judgements on all of them ,the whole tribe.