6 Apps Every Business Traveller Should Have [Sponsored Post]

by Cristina on December 13, 2012

by Cristina | December 13th, 2012  

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As glamorous as going away on business sounds, the glamour element usually ends up way down the list if you’re a regular business traveller. The sad reality is most business travellers’ trips consist of spending most of their time in taxis, airports, planes, hotels and meeting rooms. If a business trip does allow a small window of opportunity to actually see the city being visited then it should be grabbed with both hands!

Travelling to any city for the first time always takes some getting used to, especially if the trip is to a foreign country where a different language is spoken and is one you’re not familiar with. Usually business trips are coordinated so that the least amount of time is spent in the city being visited, time is money and therefore time is always of the essence. This is where smart phones are certainly a business traveller’s new best friend.

Smart phone technology makes life so much easier and bearable when travelling away on business. Whilst there’s thousands of incredible games to choose from to help pass the time when travelling, this article uncovers some seriously good apps every business traveller should be downloading and using to make their trips as hassle free as possible. These recommendations have been compiled by CT Business Travel, one of the largest independent business travel agents in the UK, oh, and the best part is all these apps are FREE!

App 1 – XE Currency (FREE to download)

As the name suggests, this app is all about currency, providing on-the-go worldwide currency exchange rates including the all-important currency converter. This app is available on both the iphone and ipad, it offers the latest live currency rates but records each update which helps for those periods when you don’t have access to the internet.

How good is this app – well it was app of the week on iTunes and has had over 5 million downloads with thousands of top customer ratings, so you can safely say it works and is good.

App 2 – Award Wallet (FREE to download)

Tired of logging in to keep track of the different loyalty schemes you participate in? Well look no further than ‘Award Wallet’, the app that allows you to load all the loyalty programmes you participate in into one easy to use application. For those people who travel regularly on business who no doubt have memberships with many different companies, whether that’s frequent flyer airline programmes, hotel, car rental schemes, as well as credit card points schemes, ‘Award Wallet’ automatically keeps track of your activity in each scheme you participate in.

Get quick access to balances even if you don’t have internet connection as once logged in you can access data in an offline mode.

App 3 – Skype (FREE to download)

If you’re a fan of using Skype on your desktop then you’ll love having it on your smartphone too. Skype, if you’re not aware allows users to make and receive calls for free anywhere. You can obviously enjoy the free benefits this app provides even when you’re not travelling. But for business travellers on overseas trips, this is the perfect app for making calls back home to loved ones or friends without incurring the huge costs of using a traditional landline.

App 4 – TripAdvisor Offline City Guides (FREE to download)

The ratings the TripAdvisor city guide app have accrued speak for themselves, this TripAdvisor app features many of the world’s leading cities, so the chances are the city you want is already featured.

All the restaurants, hotels and attractions featured in each city on tripadvisor.com are featured within this app, including the usual thousands of reviews. The app is extremely easy to use offering varying ways to search for the places you want to find, as well as a ‘point me there’ feature which uses the phone’s GPS and compass to guide you to the restaurant or attraction you wish to visit. The app also includes essential city facts as well as recommended self-guided tours to help you explore the destination, landmarks and find hidden gems handpicked by TripAdvisor members and destination experts.

The app works offline too, so there’s no need for a live data connection to access the information on each city – which helps avoid those data roaming charges.

App 5- Safeguard (FREE to download)

Safeguard has been created to provide users with peace of mind concerning their safety and visibility. The app has been specifically tailored towards lone workers, VIPs and travellers who require assistance and locating in the event of an emergency. Ideal for business travellers visiting cities or countries that are not very safe.

App 6 – Global Traveler (FREE to download)

Global Traveler is a monthly magazine primarily focused on those who regularly travel on business, with a heavy bias to luxury! The magazine produces unbiased independent reviews keeping users up to speed on latest news from the airline and hotel industry, as well as destinations themselves. The publication also includes features on the finest food and wines to be experienced within a city, as well as golf courses, spas and other luxury indulgences one might require when travelling on business. This is all in addition to the regular articles written on crucial ‘need to know’ information, such as travel health, technology and news.



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Tom Sell February 1, 2013 at 6:28 am

Good post – I will certainly be recommending safeguard to some of our VIP corporate travel clients. Thanks


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