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10 Gorgeous Hotel Pools Around the World

Every business traveler knows the pain of walking through a hotel lobby and catching just a glimpse of a swanky-looking lounge there’s no time to hang out in, or seeing placards in the elevator advertising the lovely hotel spa that can’t be squeezed in between meetings. Despite all our good intentions, most of the time the hotels we stay in […]

Higher than High-Tech Hotels

Business travelers tend to be wired travelers – we’re the ones for whom finding hotels with free WiFi is more important than finding hotels with good water pressure in the shower. But if you’re looking for more on the technology front than a desk and a chair and a place to plug in your laptop, then you’ll be pleased to […]

O’Hare: Airport to Avoid in the Winter?

Anyone who’s been to Chicago during its cold winter knows that there are better times of the year to visit the city. Summer can be nice, but it can also be too hot – Chicago is another one of those places where visiting in the shoulder seasons is often the best option. The trouble is that even if you’re planning […]

NYC Airport Shuttles

There are several hassles that frequent business travelers can avoid through simply investing in proper travel gear or doing a bit of research. But some hassles are built into travel days and it’s very difficult to make them go away completely. Take, for instance, the process of getting back and forth to the airport from your home or hotel. When […]

How to Find Hotels with Free WiFi

Last week we looked at how to find free WiFi in airports around the world, since that’s become one of the nice perks that makes a long layover a little less annoying. But let’s face it – waiting for a flight in an airport without free WiFi for a couple hours is nothing compared to the annoyance factor when you […]

How to Find Free Airport WiFi

The must-have perks of business travel have changed over the years, but one that’s consistently ranked among those things that travelers will gravitate toward these days is free WiFi. Having access to free WiFi in an airport means you can get something done in what might otherwise be lost time, and it also provides a source of entertainment during a […]