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Eco-Friendly Hotels: Going Super-Green

It used to be that blending business travel with eco-friendly travel was a challenge, not to mention an expensive one. These days, more and more hotels and airlines are going green in different ways, so it’s getting easier to make environmental choices when you travel for work without spending a fortune to do so. Another recent list sent out by […]

Higher than High-Tech Hotels

Business travelers tend to be wired travelers – we’re the ones for whom finding hotels with free WiFi is more important than finding hotels with good water pressure in the shower. But if you’re looking for more on the technology front than a desk and a chair and a place to plug in your laptop, then you’ll be pleased to […]

LA Airport Shuttles

Modern technology has helped alleviate many of the former problems that used to face frequent travelers, and business travelers tend to be among the first to adopt any new thing that helps ease their travel woes. But one of the things no one can get around is that in order to fly somewhere, you have to figure out a way […]

NYC Airport Shuttles

There are several hassles that frequent business travelers can avoid through simply investing in proper travel gear or doing a bit of research. But some hassles are built into travel days and it’s very difficult to make them go away completely. Take, for instance, the process of getting back and forth to the airport from your home or hotel. When […]

How to Find Hotels with Free WiFi

Last week we looked at how to find free WiFi in airports around the world, since that’s become one of the nice perks that makes a long layover a little less annoying. But let’s face it – waiting for a flight in an airport without free WiFi for a couple hours is nothing compared to the annoyance factor when you […]

How to Find Free Airport WiFi

The must-have perks of business travel have changed over the years, but one that’s consistently ranked among those things that travelers will gravitate toward these days is free WiFi. Having access to free WiFi in an airport means you can get something done in what might otherwise be lost time, and it also provides a source of entertainment during a […]

Airlines With Flat Seats in Business Class

Frequent travelers have come to expect getting a fully-flat seat when they book a First Class flight – especially when it’s a long-haul trip on a major airline. But it’s not just First Class cabins that are equipped with fully-flat seats anymore. You’ll often find flat seats in Business Class cabins these days – again, especially if you’re on a […]