Airlines that Offer First Class

While some airlines in the world offer several different levels of service on board their planes, not every airline has what they (or anyone else) considers “First Class.” For some, the highest level of service passengers will experience is Business Class. For others – especially the budget airlines – there is only one level of service, and it’s Economy Class. […]

Airlines that Offer Business Class

Most travelers are aware that there are nicer sections of the airplane than the economy cabin. Even if you’ve never had the pleasure of sitting “in front of the curtain,” you know there’s usually a higher level of service than what you’re used to in coach. But you’ll note that I said “usually” – because this isn’t always the case. […]

Continental to Start Charging for Extra Legroom in Coach

If you’re not lucky enough to be traveling in business class or first class regularly, then that means you’re suffering along with the rest of humanity back in the land of perpetually-shrinking legroom known as “coach.” Some airlines have taken the radical step recently of removing a row or two in economy class in order to give everyone a smidge […]

AirTran Airways SUPER Sale!

AirTran Airways is having a SUPER sale with fares starting as low as $39. I’ve never taken AirTran personally, but I just love the name SUPER Sale. You may purchase sale fares at or by calling (800) AIR-TRAN. You may purchase tickets at the sale rates between now and December 11, 2008 for travel before March 11, 2009. As […]

US Airways Reinstated Dividend Miles

US Airways, like every other air carrier in the Untied States, was forced to cut back on mileage benefits for customers while dealing with record fuel prices. And now that the whole fuel crisis seems to have passed, like every other customer in the United States, US Airways is reinstating the benefits you know and love. Specifically, US Airways is […]

American Airlines Travel Concierge Sweepstakes

American Airlines is going strong, offering you yet another chance to win cool stuff with the new American Airlines Travel Concierge Sweepstakes. American has partnered with MasterCard to offer you this sweepstakes, available to customers who make use of the “virtual concierge” on, between now and December 31, 2008. What can you win? Lots of stuff. The sweepstakes offers […]