Healthy Stuff

It’s HARD to keep in shape when you travel all the time.

Omni Chicago Hotel Cathedral District Walking Tour

The Omni Chicago Hotel is always up to something fun in my favorite city in America. The property is now partnering with the Cathedral District Association to offer the new Cathedral District Walking Tour. This kills so many birds with one stone for business travelers – doing something healty, getting out of the hotel bar, learning about the city, getting […]

CalorieKing Mobile Calorie Counter

CalorieKing is a website that offers “food awareness tools for weight management.” I love that wording. The website has announced the launch of the new CalorieKing Mobile Web Site, This site allows anyone with an web enabled mobile phone or smartphone to search CalorieKing’s 50,000 item food database for details including calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein and more. And the […]

Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport Walking Program

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport has teamed with the American Heart Association to bring its nationwide Start! Walking program to the airport. Does that mean lugging your heavy bags around even more?! Pretty much. The route includes a 1.4-mile hike around MSP’s Lindbergh Terminal. The route is marked on overhead way-finding signs with circular green mileage markers for travelers to […]

Healthy Dining in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport

Airport dining is difficult. As a REALLY frequent traveler, I find it almost impossible to find healthy options in the airports around the country. You can only eat so many salads, but your options are limited beyond that. The Minneapolis/St. Paul airport is focusing on offering travelers more healthy dining options, which is GREAT! Especially for all of those airport […]

City Running Tours in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C.

City Running Tours is a fun and healthy way to see the cities you visit, while burning off the extra calories from all of that airport cuisine you’ve been stuffing down your throat. These are (obviously) tours in which you run around the city, being led by a guide who provides information on the sites you pass and historical facts. […]

Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia

Stanley Park is a FANTASTIC place to spend a free afternoon in Vancouver, which you’ll see is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. The park stretches for miles along English Bay, Burrard Inlet and Coal Harbour and the sea wall runs the length of the park. There are numerous ways to spend your time at the park, from walking […]

Zenga Sport Gym Kit

Ermenegildo Zegna, yes the same people who brought you the solar powered jacket, have a great new work-out product for men with the Zenga Sport Gym Kit. The Zenga Gym Kit consists of the small pouch pictured. The pouch converts in to a lined, zip-up, waterproof jacket. I like transformer-ish clothing and bags. Inside the pouch, you’ll find lined, waterproof […]

Walking in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark is the beautiful capitol city of the Scandinavian country. It was the home of Hans Christian Andersen, is the current home of the Danish royalty and quite a place to visit. I had the opportunity to check out the city last week, and was quite happy with what I saw. The area around my hotel, the Marriott, was […]

Zinopin Long Haul – For Deep Vein Thrombosis, Jet Lag and Swelling

Vascular Health, which seems to be located right here in beautiful New Jersey, recently sent me an email about a new product called Zinopin Long Haul. I’m not much of a medicine-taker myself (seriously, I’ve never even taken AirBorne), but I thought I would pass along the information for the drug seekers of the business world. Zinopin Long Haul is […]