Business Travel Daily Dose – 11.09.06

by Carrie Thompson on November 9, 2006

by Carrie Thompson | November 9th, 2006  

Stalker1. Be afraid if your employer (or your significant other) buys you the new Helio stalker phone. [Helio Drift Phone with Google Maps Plus GPS Buddy Stalking]

2. MojoPac and other ways to leave your laptop at home. [Mobile Computing: Traveling Without a Notebook]

3. The corporate way of saying “We don’t want to pay for business travel because the prices have gone up.” [Top Corporations to Reduce Business Travel Due to Security Risks]

4. I’m speechless. [SkyMaul – When You Want Really Weird Travel Gear]

5. Making electric cars way cooler. [Electric Power]

6. Wi-Fi around the world. [Guide to International Airport Wi-Fi]

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