– Expedited Passport in 24 Hours is a website that has one heck of a claim. The site claims for the bargain price of $551, you can get your passport in just 24 hours. That one day, un dia, uno giorno, un jour. That’s SUPER fast and I’m intrigued.

I can’t help but think that business travelers and criminals alike will be huge patrons of One for renewals, one to get the heck out of dodge. In fact, a passport renewal is a bargain $343, so if you’re REALLY in a jam because you forgot to renew your passport it may be fixable.




If you happen to request an expedited passport, you will have to supply proof I.D., proof of citizenship and proof of your departure date (i.e. your travel itinerary). I don’t know why your departure date is needed. To me, if you want to spend over $500 for a passport, you can leave whenever you want. Anyway.

Via TravelPost Insider.

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8 thoughts on “ – Expedited Passport in 24 Hours

  • Jenny is incompetent, fraudulent and ridiculous. Don’t waste your money or time believing their claims!

  • Ed Harris

    I was an unfortinate sole who didnt check there passport exeperation date until 2 days before departure. So far I have spent 2 hours on hold with Hard to belive they can get my passport if they cant even answer the phone!!

  • Ed

    OK here is what I learned. I bumped my flight up from Alaska to Seatle one day early to get to the offical passport office. You need to make an appointment so call ahead. I presented my flight plans and explaned my situation. In five hours I had a new passport and the passport agency only charged $135 total. If you can make it to a passport office in person it is the way to go.

  • Carrie Post author

    Ed, I’m so glad you got you passport taken care of! I’ll create a list of the official passport offices in the U.S. and link to it so anyone else in your situation will have a place to start.

    Too bad you don’t get a letter in the mail like you do when your driver’s license expires…

  • Ken

    Do not use this site, they are impossible to deal with. If you do not follow exactly to the letter they immediately cut off contact and will not work to make it better. Never used service still got charged.

  • Leslie Harrison

    This website is a waste of time. Don’t waste your money. I went there to get a passport for my 10 month old daughter.
    On they tell you to “Submit at least 1 primary and 5 secondary forms of Proof of Parents Identity ”
    US Post Office requires only 1 primary.
    They also told me that I needed to submit Travel Evidence/Proof of Departure. (I didn’t have any itinerary to give yet)
    US Post Office did not require any Travel Evidence/Proof of Departure.
    Of course once I figured out how complicated it was, more than 24 hours had past and I was unable to receive a refund. $129.00 down the drain!

    I made an appointment at the US Post Office and I was done in less than half and hour. My daughter’s passport came in less than 2 weeks.

  • Kay

    I used recently after I saw them highlighted in the Wall Street Journal as having the best customer and fastest delivery time among its top competitors. I see why they got such top rating, they were very professional and I got my passport the date they promised. They told me they have been in business a year and a half. Looks like they really have their act together and know what they are doing now. They saved me from missing an important business trip. I think they are GREAT!