Skype Lite for Mobile Phones

We at the Business Travel Logue have been big fans of Skype, well…forever. Or as long as the BTL has been around. I admit, I use Skype less frequently now than I did in the good ole’ days, as most of my IMing is now accomplished through Facebook. (Hey, I don’t have a camera so it really isn’t a big deal that I can’t see anyone) But this news is great, and I hope something similar is offered for the iPhone soon. What’s the big news?

Skype is launching a new Skype Lite application designed to run on Android, Google’s new mobile operating system. That means those of you with T-Mobile G1 can use Skype’s services, such as voice calls and chat, without connecting to the internet. Skype Lite will be available on Java-enabled phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG and Samsung.




If you do have an iPhone, you can at least avoid the astronomical international charges by using a combination of YouMail and TruPhone (provided you have internet access). Check it out here.