Southwest Airlines Cash Free Cabins

If you’re traveling on Southwest Airlines after September 9th, be sure to take your credit card. The airline is making the move to a cash free cabin, where all onboard sales will be made by credit card. So far, you don’t have to pay for EVERYTHING on Southwest, but you will have to hand over the Visa or MasterCard to purchase cocktails, beer, wine, and Lo-Carb Monster energy drinks. Soda, water, juice, peanuts and snacks will still be free of charge (unlike those items on some other airlines). The airline will no longer accept cash onboard.

“For years, Customers have been asking Southwest to accept credit cards onboard for payment, and now we can give our Customers one more feature they want,” said Scott Halfmann, Southwest Airlines Vice President of Provisioning. “No more remembering to hit the cash machine before boarding your flight!”




Southwest Airlines will accept all major credit and debit cards for payment as well as Southwest Airlines Drink Coupons. If your an avid collector of airline miles, you’ll be happy to hear that customers who pay with the Rapid Rewards credit card from Chase will receive double reward dollars by using their card onboard.

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One thought on “Southwest Airlines Cash Free Cabins

  • Steve

    The following is printed on every US currency note:

    “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.”

    SWA’s appears to be a violation of Federal law.

    SWA will say that it is too much trouble to make change. Maybe so. But, there is no law that says they have to make change. There is just a law that says they have to accept US currency.

    Anyone who has ever purchased a drink on an airplane knows that they need to have the correct change. If they do not, they deserve to pay ten or twenty dollars for a drink.