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Alaska Airlines Improved Mileage Ticket Bookings

Alaska Airlines recently introduced a new tool that makes it easier than ever to book your Mileage Plan frequent flyer tickets online for both Alaska Air and Horizon, the airline’s regional partner. This new tool is called “Award Finder” and it provides Mileage Plan partners with an easy as pie way to book tickets. How does it work? First, you […]

Orbitz Business Travel Survey January 2008

Orbitz recently published the results of its most recent Orbitz for Business Travel survey, the results of which may be surprising to some. As the are mostly in tune with my personal opinions, I’m glad to see that the business travelers of the world are maintaining their good sense. This month’s survey focused on technology in the skies, which has […] Free Voice Activated Mobile Directions, you know – the other search engine, recently announced a new offering that caught my interest as a directionally challenged traveler. The company is now offering free voice activated mobile directions, dubbed Click to Speak, on its Mobile Directions. Way cool! Especially when you’re driving. Click to Speak allows you to speak your current location and desired destination […]

Zipit Wireless IM Device

The Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 is a wireless device that allows you to IM for free across all major IM platforms with no per message or monthly fees. With this device, you can do several things. Keep in touch with your friends and contacts, as well as access MyTunez, which will provide you with instant access to music from an […]

Out to Lunch

The Business Travel Logue will again be temporarily closed. I am on my way to Antarctica to complete my goal of making it to every continent before I’m 30. I’m 29 and this is my final stop, which is pretty amazing. It’s going to be hard to stay off the booze and the internet for 8 whole days, both of […]

Wi-Fi on the Seattle/Bremerton Ferry

Wi-Fi internet service is now available for passengers on the Seattle/Bremerton ferry, which will help you keep in touch on the commute. A company called Parsons has worked in conjunction with Washington State Ferries to provide you with this service, which commenced just before the end of 2007. The Wi-Fi is available for the entire route through Rich Passage and […]

TSA Rules for Batteries

The Transportation Security Administration has struck again, changing the rules without warning. First it was the new liquid rules, then it was large portable electronics, now it’s batteries. But with the frequency of battery explosions in devices like laptops, I really can’t blame the man for this one. Okay, it was actually the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous […]

My Top Eleven for 2007

Since I’ve been to hungover all day to leave the house after a pretty quiet New Year’s Eve, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the last year. I did some pretty amazing things in 2007! Here are my top 11: 1. Hiking the Great Wall of China 2. Surfing in Australia 3. Hiking in El Rincon de […]