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2007 Most Eventful Cities Listings

Eventful is an events website that “enables its community of users to discover, promote, share and create events throughout the world.” The site has listings for more than four million events taking place in local markets throughout the world, including everything from concerts and sports to singles events and political rallies. I LOVE this site for business travelers who want to get away from the hotel bar and have some fun while they travel. My goal during my business travels has always been to enjoy my time in the city of the week. It can be tiresome to check several websites to find out what’s happening at the time. Eventful lists events of all types, giving you a good cross section of things to do in the city. It’s kind of like Ticketmaster without an agenda.

Eventful just released its first annual “Most Eventful Cities” ranking, which rates cities throughout the United States by the quantity and type of local events offered. These rankings show which cities have the most fun stuff going on, which can be a little indicator of where you should schedule your business trips (if you have that sort of leverage in your job). The survey was based on U.S. cities with a population of 100,000 or more to determine who has the most events. The rankings were also broken down to determine which cities are the best for certain types of activities, such as pet-related events and singles events.

“The ‘Most Eventful Cities’ rankings provide a fascinating snapshot of how people spend their time across the nation,” said Jordan Glazier, CEO of Eventful, Inc. “Events are at the heart of each city’s character and vitality, so it’s interesting to see which cities offer the greatest breadth of activities for residents and visitors. Eventful is a great resource to help people make their lives more fulfilled by discovering and getting involved in events in their local communities. We wanted to see how events compared in different cities and created the ‘Most Eventful Cities’ rankings to highlight the hot spots and regional trends across the United States.”

Without further Ado:

2007 Most Eventful Cities (Overall)

1. New York, New York (pop. 8,214,426)
2. Los Angeles, California (pop. 3,849,378)
3. San Francisco, California (pop. 744,041)
4. Chicago, Illinois (pop. 2,833,321)
5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (pop. 1,448,394)
6. Tucson, Arizona (pop. 518,956)
7. Houston, Texas (pop. 2,144,491)
8. Phoenix, Arizona (pop. 1,512,986)
9. San Diego, California (pop. 1,256,951)
10. Washington, District of Columbia (pop. 581,530)
11. Boston, Massachusetts (pop. 590,763)
12. Miami, Florida (pop. 404,048)
13. Seattle, Washington (pop. 582,454)
14. Atlanta, Georgia (pop. 486,411)
15. Dallas, Texas (pop. 1,232,940)
16. Denver, Colorado (pop. 566,974)
17. Austin, Texas (pop. 709,893)
18. Tampa, Florida (pop. 332,888)
19. Las Vegas, Nevada (pop. 552,539)
20. Albuquerque, New Mexico (pop. 504,949)
21. Baltimore, Maryland (pop. 631,366)
22. Indianapolis, Indiana (pop. 785,597)
23. Minneapolis, Minnesota (pop. 372,833)
24. St. Louis, Missouri (pop. 353,837)
25. Nashville, Tennessee (pop. 552,120)

Cities with the Most Conferences

1. Los Angeles
2. Washington D.C.
3. New York
4. San Francisco
5. San Diego

Cities with the Most Bar & Club Events

1. New York
2. Los Angeles
3. San Francisco
4. San Diego
5. Washington D.C.

Cities with the Most Music Events

1. Los Angeles
2. Chicago
3. New York
4. San Francisco
5. Seattle

Cities with the Most Pet-Related Events

1. San Diego
2. Los Angeles
3. Cincinnati
4. New York
5. Dallas

Cities with the Most Literary Events

1. Los Angeles
2. Houston
3. San Diego
4. San Francisco
5. Phoenix

Cities with the Most Singles Events

1. New York
2. San Francisco
3. Boston
4. Los Angeles
5. Cincinnati

So what are you waiting for? Have some fun out there!