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The Daily Dose – 10.18

Haunted House1. I thought it was spooky enough to not get miles. [Haunted Hotels Provide A Chill At Night]

2. Take the train in L.A. [Metro Named North America’s Top Transportation Agency of 2006]

3. Going overseas? [Lufthansa Spreads Business Class Holiday Cheer with up to 70% Off Fares to Popular Destinations]

4. Is private air travel more green than driving? [Private air travel ‘sustainable’]

5. If you want to avoid those excessive internet charges in you London hotel, go to the library. [Central library going wireless]

6. A little too big for carry-on, but could be handy [Sun Unveils ‘Portable’ Datacenter]

7. Great bargain. [Airis T620 PDA with GPS]