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AAA Membership (Not AA Membership…)

Most business travelers I know belong in both of those clubs, but we’re just going to talk about the three a’s.

Okay, I know this is a little boring. But it is very important to business travelers, particularly those on per-diem. A year membership for AAA is available for the bargain price of about $65.00. It does vary slightly by geographic area. FYI: Those in Beverly Hills are charged $5.00 more than those in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The biggest AAA benefit I found on the road? The approximately $10.00 per night savings at member hotels. If you’re on per-diem, this could me an extra ten bucks in your pocket for every night of travel.

I’ve never used the roadside assistance, but it does make me feel better that someone is available to bail me out if I get stranded someplace in rural Mississippi. Coverage does vary by the AAA Club that services your area. The plan should include towing, fuel, tire changes and jump-starts.

Even if you aren’t going to benefit from the discounts (I don’t) go ahead and save your employer a few bucks. It will only make you look good.