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AAA Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet HotelMost business travelers don’t travel with their pets, but for those of you who do, this is good news. More than 1,000 new pet-friendly AAA Approved and Diamond rated lodgings have been added to AAA’s ninth edition of Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA PetBook. I didn’t even know the book existed until recently.

So, in the United States and Canada there are more than 13,000 properties who will let you bring Fido along. I am an animal lover, I really am, but I’d kind of like to see this list to avoid those hotels. I can’t imagine having someones schnauzer barking all night in the room next door when I have an early meeting. Although that would be a big improvement over what I’ve had to hear next door at some places.

Some hotels include special menus, luxurious dog beds, food and water bowls and I.D. tags for your pets. Optional extras range from plush robes and walking service to doggie massages and grooming. Some 5 star properties even offer special spa treatments and other indulgent activities for guests and their pets.

Nearly every city across the United States and Canada offers pet-friendly accommodations. The top 10 pet-friendly cities in the United States are Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Dallas, New York, Orlando, Nashville and Tucson. Wow, sounds like the Texans like their pets.

AAA offers the following pet-travel preparation tips:

  • Get a clean bill of health from the veterinarian. Obtain and pack up-to-date proof of recent inoculations.
  • Brush up on good behavior. Unfamiliar travel situations may test the temperament of even the most well behaved pet.
  • Learn about your destination. Be aware of safety and health risks at your destination, and plan accordingly.
  • Determine the best mode of transportation. Whether you’re traveling by car, air or other options, consider any restrictions on pet type and size before you go.
  • Pack as carefully for your pet as you do for yourself. Consult the checklist of necessary items included in the PetBook.

Traveling With Your Pet: The AAA PetBook is available at AAA offices, online at and at bookstores. The cover price is $17.95($24.95 CAD).