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Airline Miles – Shop4Miles Lets You Earn Miles While You Shop

CartoonThere are loads of ways to earn airline miles, other than just flying. With many airlines, including Delta and US Airways, imposing more strict expiration dates on inactive accounts, it is more important than ever to make a purchase now and then to prevent forfeiting your miles.

Shop4Miles lets you shop…for miles. Partnered with Delta Airlines, US Airways and Alaska Airlines, Shop4Miles promises the lowest price for merchandise while still providing rewards miles to consumers. The site is built around the assumption that regular mileage malls charge inflated prices and discount sites don’t offer rewards. They’re looking to have the best of both worlds. I haven’t done any price comparisons, so I really couldn’t tell you if they’ve lived up to their goal.

After registering last night, I poked around on the site a little this morning. The miles per dollar weren’t stellar, in fact, from what I saw you only earn 1 mile per dollar. But you can get some CRAZY things, including blow up mattresses, hot tubs and lacrosse goals.

I’ve featured several ways to earn miles while keeping your feet on the ground before, including e-miles (earning miles by watching advertisements), the WebFlyer Mileage Mall, eating your way to a free ticket with the Rewards Network and swapping miles and points with This site just gives us another option. And call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure this is the only place where you can earn miles for buying a refrigerator.

Via MarketWire.