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AirTran Airways Business Class Upgrades

AirTran Airways recently put out a press release that they have “innovated once again and designed new ways for customers to secure its popular Business Class seats.” If that little string of words that barely qualifies as a sentence fragment baffles you as much as it does me, let me explain what they mean. AirTran does offer Business Class seating, which distinguishes them from the dozens of other budget air carriers in the United States. You can now purchase Business Class upgrades in one of two new ways before you fly.

  • You can purchase an upgrade up to 24 hours prior to departure while checking in for your flight on the AirTran website, or
  • You can make the purchase once onboard the aircraft either before departure or at cruising altitude (don’t try to move on up during takeoff).

Those passengers who choose to purchase an upgrade online may do so for $49 to $99 one way. If there are seats available once you board the plane, you may do so regardless of the fare class of your ticket. Upgrades fares will again range from $49 to $99, depending on the length of the flight.

“By adding these new innovations, AirTran Airways is striving to always create value for our customers – even those who want to see the Business Class product before they purchase. Now they have the opportunity to do just that,” said Tad Hutcheson, vice president of marketing and sales for AirTran Airways. “We are winning new customers every day as a result of our spacious Business Class.”