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AirTran Airways is Buying Our Love with a FREE XM RoadyXT Satellite Radio Voucher for Each Passenger

ChristmasAirlines are a lot like divorced parents, trying to buy the loyalty of their children (passengers) with the best stuff during the holiday season. I must say – it’s working.

American Airlines, along with MasterCard, is offering Comfort Kits, including banned items like lip balm. That’s a fun deal. But it can’t touch this deal by AirTran. While supplies last (is that the clincher?), every passenger will receive a voucher for a free XM RoadyXT Satellite Radio, which is the newest and tiniest and satellite radio on the market in the universe. If you don’t have XM and you drive a lot, you’re really missing out. I recommend XMU.

The magic begins on November 17 and lasts through the holidays or until the supplies dry up, so iif you’re flying an AirTran route, book your flight now.

Via PRNewsWire.