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AirTran U Standby Program

AirTran Airways has opened registration for AirTran U for you college students and dropouts out there. What’s the deal? AirTran U clears all applicants between the ages of 18 and 22 for travel on a standby-only basis to any of the 58 cities AirTran Airways currently serves (excluding Cancun, Mexico and San Juan, Puerto Rico) for a thrifty $69 per short-haul segment or $99 per long-haul segment.

How do you get in on the action?

Piece of cake. Just select the destination, dates and times you want to travel and arrive at the AirTran Airways counter at least two hours before the scheduled time of departure.

Do you still earn miles?

AirTran U passengers do earn 1/2 A+ Rewards credits per completed trip, if they are registered A+ Rewards members.

“Whether they are visiting a friend or heading home for the weekend, students and young vacationers can save money on flights with AirTran U,” said Tad Hutcheson, vice president of marketing and sales for AirTran Airways. “Our airline understands the tight budgets these young travelers face, and we are pleased to offer them the same outstanding, friendly service and comfortable aircraft at an affordable price.”

Application Requirements and Fees:

  • Travelers must be 18 to 22 years of age
  • Travelers must present valid, government-issued photo identification
  • For placement on a standby list, travelers must arrive at the AirTran ticket counter no fewer than two hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure time
  • Reservations cannot be made in advance
  • To earn A+ Rewards credits, travelers must present their A+ Rewards membership card at the ticket counter
  • Short-haul segments cost $69 per segment
  • Long-haul segments cost $99 per segment (Flights to/from San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Seattle and Phoenix are considered long-haul segments)
  • The per-segment taxes of $3.50 are not included
  • Airport Passenger Facility Charges of up to $18 per segment are not included
  • The September 11th security fee of up to $10 per segment is not included

Travel Guidelines:

  • AirTran U travelers are permitted one carry-on item and one personal item, and luggage cannot be checked
  • The AirTran U program is for coach class only, and AirTran U travelers’ seats are not confirmed
  • If a coach seat is available after the final boarding call, it will be given to an AirTran U traveler on standby
  • Service to Cancun, Mexico and San Juan, Puerto Rico is not included in the AirTran U program

Application Tips:

  • Travelers are more likely to get a seat on a flight on off-peak days like Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
  • Certain holiday blackout dates apply (January 4; February 13, 16; April 3-5, 9-10, 19; May 22, 25; June 21, 26, 28; July 3, 5, 12; November 25, 28-30; December 18 – 31)
  • All travel must be completed by Dec. 17, 2009