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Alamo $10 Car Rentals

Every now and then even business travelers need a car over the weekend. We all know you can get better rates than during the week, but Alamo Rent A Car has announced the best deal going. For weekend airport rentals, you can rent a car with Alamo for $10 per day. Those rates apply from Thursday through Monday, which is a pretty generous definition of “weekend.” It will, of course, be closer to $20 per day after you add on all of the extra taxes and fees. Not to mention the added insurance, which noone with a major credit card in the United States should really need.

“This program provides a cost-effective and flexible way to enjoy a quick winter trip to a warmer climate, a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day, or maybe a short family vacation over spring break,” said Rob Hibbard, Vice President for Alamo Rent A Car.

To make reservations under the $10-per-day program, go to There is a four-day maximum on rentals, which range from economy to premium-size cars, based upon availability. Special weekend airport rentals begin as early as 9 a.m. on Thursdays and require an overnight Saturday rental. I knew there would be some kind of fine print. This program is available at most U.S. airports through Memorial Day weekend. Non-participating locations include, but are not limited to, Denver, Aspen, and the New York Metro area, the last of which is no surprise.

Otherwise, I’ve scored some great deals through Priceline on weekend rentals. In most locations you can get a car in the $12 range.