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Alaska Airlines Cashless Cabins

You know how sometimes you’re on a flight home and you’d really like a glass of wine to unwind, but all you have is a $20. You give it to the flight attendant and he or she smirks and tells you correct change is needed? Thank goodness those days are ending, one airline at a time. As of August 5, passengers on Alaska Airlines flights will be able to swipe debit and credit cards for onboard purchases. You will be able to use any major credit or debit card for all inflight purchases. On the other hand, cash will no longer be accepted. But who carries cash, anyway?

Frequent travelers on Alaska will love this deal! If you use the Alaska Airlines Visa card, you’ll earn a scorching 10 miles for ever dollar spent through October 31, 2008.

“The dash for cash is over at Alaska Airlines. No longer will our customers and flight attendants need to hunt for dollars to pay for purchases or make change,” said Steve Jarvis, Alaska Airlines’ vice president of marketing, sales and customer experience. “A quick swipe of a credit or debit card will be all that’s needed to pay for our Northern Bites meals, Picnic Packs, cocktails, beer, wine and digEplayers. This will be a real convenience for our customers and crew members.”

No, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay for everything on Alaska Airlines, yet. As of now, the airline will continue to offer a selection of free snacks, sodas, tea and coffee.

For a limited time, Alaskans may buy $5 vouchers at our ticket counters in the state of Alaska to pay for onboard purchases. This won’t last forever.