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Alaska Airlines Credit Cards for Onboard Purchases

Credit CardsAlaska Airlines has joined the 21st century and will now offer customers the option to use credit and debit cards instead of cash for onboard purchases. Thank goodness. I’m so tired of airlines accepting cash only or cash and some coupons you can’t use for anything else in the world.

Alaska introduced point-of-sale devices this month on 22 daily transcontinental flights. The hand-held units allow flight attendants to process credit and debit card payments when customers buy food and beverages and rent personal entertainment players. The airline plans to begin utilizing this payment option on more flights this fall, with the goal to ultimately offer the service on all flights.

“This is another way we’re using technology to make the travel experience more convenient for our customers,” said Steve Jarvis, Alaska Airlines’ vice president of sales and customer experience. “We live in an increasingly cashless society, and we’re pleased to bring the same pay-with-credit option to our flights that customers have come to enjoy at grocery stores, restaurants and most other retail locations.”

According to the press release, “Alaska offers complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and snacks in the main cabin. In addition, customers on most flights have the option to purchase beer, wine and Red Bull energy drinks. On most flights longer than three hours, customers also can purchase freshly prepared Northern Bites meals and picnic packs, and rent digEplayer personal entertainment systems.” I had no idea they had Red Bull. That’s AWESOME!

Enjoy the convenience of buying your drinks the normal way (with your Visa) on future flights….