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Alto. The Spanking New Laptop Stand by Logitech

AltoAlto. It’s Spanish for tall and techno for cool.

Are you tired of the hand-cramps you get from using your tiny laptop keyboard? Logitech has just released the Alto™ laptop stand, which can solve your cramp issues for good. Thank goodness. Now lets work on world peace.

According to the makers, the Alto™ is a “one-piece notebook riser with an integrated, full-size keyboard – a product that levels the notebook screen with people’s eyes and frees people’s hands from the constraints of a cramped notebook keypad.” I hate when people call laptops notebooks, but I kinda like this product. I think this is more of a use-in-the-office than take-on-the-road type of thing.

The Alto™ opens to provide the user with a full size keyboard and an angled platform for better viewing. Unless your laptop is really screwed up it should angle on its own, but whatever. The keyboard should be handy, anyway. The great thing is that it plugs in via USB, so you won’t need a computer science degree to hook it up.

Via BusinessWire.