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American Airlines 2008 Menu Options

American Airlines is mixing things up with new onboard menu options. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them greatly, provided the airline doesn’t cancel your flight at the last minute for safety inspections. Six different menus will rotate throughout the year for First and Business Class customers, providing you with a variety of dining options at 36,000 feet.

“American is pleased to introduce new, culinary options to complement our premium class services,” said John Tiliacos, American’s Managing Director – Onboard Products. “We are committed to providing an unparalleled traveling experience for our customers and dining is a key component of that experience.”

Here’s what you’ll see on flights:

Europe: Rosemary-scented shrimp with garlic sauce served with lemon rice and artichokes or chicken Thai curry served with jasmine rice. I’m not a huge carnivore, but where’s the beef?!
Asia: Rosemary-scented shrimp with garlic sauce served with lemon rice and artichokes or beef filet with ratatouille sauce, served with cauliflower gratin and mixed vegetables.
Latin America: Seafood brodetto or braised lamb with mixed vegetables.
Hawaii: Macadamia nut chicken with pineapple papaya marmalade
Transcontinental: Crepes filled with scrambled eggs, salmon and chives, served with roasted mushrooms, tomatoes and sausage; grilled salmon with lemon caper sauce served over orzo with a side of grilled root vegetables; flat iron steak topped mushroom and pearl onions sauce served with broccolini; and hot open-faced roast beef sandwich with havarti cheese and balsamic onions. Why are they offering more options on these flights than the long-haul international ones?
Domestic: Grilled barbecue chicken salad garnished with bleu cheese and spicy pecans; orange sauce chicken with rice and snap peas; artichoke mezzaluna pasta; and chicken teriyaki with bok choy rice.

The above menu items are rotated throughout the year “to provide American’s customers variety and to coincide with seasonal freshness.” Entree selections are made by taking into consideration the flavors and delicacies of the regions that the flight serves.

Those of you in steerage have to pay for your grub on domestic American Airlines flight. The airline is testing various menu items for you, too.

Breakfast: On flights three hours or longer departing before 10:00 a.m., customers may purchase a breakfast with Special K(R) cereal, 2% milk, a fruit cup and a granola bar. Cost: $5.00.
Snack: On flights departing after 10:00 a.m., customers may purchase a snack of raisins, crackers, a cheese wedge and mixed nuts. Cost: $4.00.
Lunch: On transcontinental and Hawaii flights (except ORD/HNL), customers may purchase a lunch with a Boar’s Head Rustica Chicken or turkey sandwich of and a bag of Miss Vickie’s Original Recipe chips, sandwich availability depending on flight direction. The Rustica Chicken, available on westbound flights, consists of Aroastica chicken breast with fontina cheese, lettuce, roma tomato, mayo and mustard on wheatberry bread. The turkey and swiss sandwich, available on eastbound transcontinental flights and westbound flights to Hawaii, consists of oven roasted turkey with swiss cheese, lettuce, roma tomato, mayo and mustard. Cost: $10.00.