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American Airlines Admiral’s Club Menu

American Airlines is offering the new Amora food and beverage program in Admirals Club locations around the country. Airport food is crap – we all know that. American is offering its elite customers some better options to that Big Mac or $5 yogurt parfait, with dishes that are tempting and healthy healthier than those found at the standard airport outlets. Options will include items such as fresh seasonal salads, hot and tasty soups, fresh sandwiches and wraps, small bites for a quick snack and dessert items for purchase.

“Our members visit the Admirals Club lounge to unwind and relax while traveling,” said Nancy Knipp, President – Admirals Club at American Airlines. “Now with Amora(TM), our guests can augment their travel experience further by indulging in palate-pleasing cuisine.”

The new menu options are available for dining in the Club or to-go in travel friendly packages. Now that you have to purchase food on the majority of U.S. carriers (all of them that I’m aware of besides Continental Airlines), you might as well get something decent before you board. You never know when you’re going to get stuck on the tarmac without lunch.

In addition to other choices, the new menu offers:

  • Cobb Salad: fresh greens topped with lemon grilled chicken, tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, ripe avocado, blue cheese, bacon, shredded cheese and red pepper ranch dressing.
  • Fiesta Mexicana: Mixed greens with ripe avocado, roast turkey, red pepper, black beans, pico de gallo, cheddar jack cheese and chipotle lime ranch dressing. Skip the beans, and that sounds FANTASTIC!
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap: Grilled chicken breast tossed with crisp romaine, shredded Parmesan cheese and creamy Caesar dressing wrapped in a tomato tortilla.
  • The Amora Sandwich: Travelers can ask their server about the regionally-inspired, seasonal sandwich special featured at their Admirals Club location.
  • Small Bites: Smaller snacks such as seasonal fruit and cheese, the Mediterranean sampler, smoked salmon with savories, or pre-packaged assortments of traditional snack and nut blends are available as well.
  • Dessert: Merlino-iced cookies, clever bittersweet chocolate wedges neatly packaged in a chocolate traveler tin, and other seasonal sweet treats are on the menu.
  • Breakfast: Seasonal fruit, bagels with cream cheese, grill-pressed to order breakfast paninis, cereal, yogurt parfaits, or fresh baked goods like low-fat muffins or sweet pastries are available for your breakfast enjoyment.
  • Drinks: New to the Club beverages such as Odwalla Juice, energy drinks, Cosmopolitans, Tequila Sunrises or Long Beach Iced Teas can be imbibed for a price.

To bring you all the great new stuff, American Airlines has joined with the facilities management firm Sodexo

Don’t worry, complimentary light snacks, coffee, tea and sodas will still be available throughout the day. For more information, check out