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American Airlines Admirals Club Wireless

T-MobileAmerican Airlines has decided to get with the program in their Admirals Club lounges around the country. The airline recently announced it is now offering complimentary Wi-Fi service Admirals Club members visiting clubs located in the United States and Puerto Rico. The wireless access is provided by T-Mobile. In addition to club members, those of you who visit the Admirals Club lounge on a one-day pass will receive Wi-Fi.

Don’t get too excited, this wireless plan won’t be available to every Tom, Dick and Harry who sit near the lounge entrance (unlike the clubs with open access offered by one of American’s competitor airlines). To access the complementary Wi-Fi, Admirals Club members will be required to input their club membership number in the login page.

Those of you visiting on a one-day pass can access the service using a co-branded Access DayPass. If you don’t have a membership card or a one-day pass, you can still access the wireless network if you’re a T-Mobile subscriber. High-speed internet also is available at international locations, but the service providers vary by location.

“Reliable and high quality wireless Internet access that is located in places where people are better able to connect with family and friends is one of the amenities most requested by the traveling public,” said Joe Sims, Vice President and General Manager, Broadband Products and Services, T-Mobile USA. “By partnering with American Airlines to provide complimentary T-Mobile Wi-Fi service for Admiral Club members, we are helping to ensure that their customers stay connected with those who matter most in their lives.”

You know how important keeping in touch is, and what a challenge it can be on the road. If you added up all of the times you spent $8 or more for an hour of wireless access in the airport, you could probably justify the expense of purchasing a one year membership. Add in the other benefits, and it’s definitely a good deal for frequent business travelers.

So you want to become an Admirals Club member? One year memberships for new members range from $300 to $450. I’m not certain, but I think your price in that range depends on your elite status with the airline. If you don’t want to shell out the dough and you can’t talk your employer in to doing so for you, membership can also be purchased with AAdvantage miles. Using miles, memberships start at a thrifty 45,000 miles. That’s only two round trip saver tickets, which you probably won’t even miss. One-day passes are available for $50 a pop. Up to two additional one-day passes can be purchased for $25 each. Passes may be purchased at Self-Service check-in machines, online at, or at any Admirals Club location.

Admirals Club facilities can be found at 23 airports in the United States, including: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Honolulu, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, Newark, New York Kennedy, New York LaGuardia, Orange County, Philadelphia, Raleigh/Durham, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Juan, St. Louis, Washington – Dulles, and Washington – Reagan.

Amenities do vary by location. Depending on your airport, you will have access to conference rooms, music rooms, shower facilities, Lenovo personal computers with complimentary high-speed Internet access, complimentary light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages and children’s rooms. Good, keep those kids away from the public.

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