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American Airlines and MasterCard Give Passengers Early Christmas Presents

HeartAmerican Airlines and Mastercard have joined together to offer passengers Comfort Kits, containing several items banned by the TSA liquid regulations. Wishing you fresh breath and soft skin for the holiday season, all American Airlines passengers on select flights longer than 3 hours will receive the Comfort Kit, containing toiletries such as lip balm (I hope it’s Carmex), lotion and toothpaste (see, you really don’t need those pre-pasted brushes).

The free stuff will be available beginning November 21 and last through the ‘December holidays.’ I guess that means no silky smooth lips for New Years travel.

I wish I was flying American (for at least part of my trip) to Australia in December. Every day they give me another reason to love them. I can get a glass of wine with my debit card, then brush my teeth with the freebie toothpaste while collecting AAdvantage miles. Thanks guys, you’re the best! I’m still rooting for you in the China thing.

Via PRNewsWire.