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American Airlines Cashless Cabins

american-airlinesAmerican Airlines has gone cashless. As of June 1, 2009, American Airlines flights operating within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and between the United States and Canada, will no longer accept cold hard cash. If you want to purchase a headset, food or booze, you’ll need a major credit card. I’m just happy when airlines accept credit cards, whether they also take other forms of payment or not. As one of the millions of Americans who rely primarily on a credit or debit card for ALL purchases, I find it tiresome to visit an ATM specifically to get cash for a flight.

“We believe that, by moving to a cashless cabin, the transaction process is more convenient for both our customers and flight attendants,” said Lauri Curtis, American’s Vice President – Onboard Service.

Those of you traveling on an expense account, don’t despair. You can ask for a receipt, which will be provided only upon request. If you don’t NEED a receipt, think of the tree you can save by NOT having that tiny piece of paper proving you’ve spent $5.00 for a vodka tonic.

Cashless cabins will not be implemented onboard American Eagle and AmericanConnection flights at this time, so be sure to check your ticket before foregoing the trip to the bank. Those flights will continue to be cash only.

Happy flying and don’t forget your credit card!