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American Airlines Testing Credit Card Acceptance on Flights

American Airlines has started a three week test on flights departing from San Francisco on which it will only accept major credit cards or debit cards for onboard purchases, including headsets, snacks, fresh light meals and alcoholic beverages. As a person who NEVER carries cash, I think this is just the way to go. I really hope they keep it.

The test is supposed to help American determine if passengers in the main cabin prefer to pay with plastic. This test will include more than 700 scheduled flights between September 10 and September 30, 2007. American Express cards and “other major credit and debit cards” will be accepted. Receipts will be provided to passengers upon request, so no worries about whether or not you can put your drinks on your expense account.

Lauri Curtis, American Airlines Vice President – Onboard Service, said: “These days, consumers are more frequently paying for items electronically with credit cards and debit cards. With this test, we are seeking feedback from passengers and from our flight attendants to determine if this consumer behavior also works with the purchase of onboard items.

I guess that means you should leave your cash at home if you’re traveling on American this month.