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American Express Launches Axiom: Companies Keep Employees Under Their Thumbs

American ExpressAmerican Express today launched their new online corporate travel service, called Axiom, the intelligent online marketplace. How did they get “Axiom” out of that? I’m really not sure. I personally think the name is way too similar to Acxiom, a prominent company based in central Arkansas.

The new business travel offering does do great things in the way of simplifying business travel, while allowing the accounting department to track costs at the point of sale. Travelers have the ability to book flights, hotels and car rentals through the site, as well as airport parking, dining, event tickets, shipping, car services and conferencing. As one of those people who hates shopping with a fiery passion, I like the idea of getting it all in one place.

After booking every second of the business trip, the traveler have the option of uploading his or her itinerary to Outlook or Lotus Notes. That’s always handy, as adding anything to Outlook is a pain in the neck and should be avoided as much as possible.

If there is a change to any booked reservation, the marketplace provides alerts via voice, email, text or fax to the traveler. In addition, there is an option to automatically invite colleagues to web or audio conferences.

The marketplace seems to be available only as a company wide tool. If you want more information, check out the website (after which you’ll be directed to call a representative).

Via BusinessWire.