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American Express Launches Axiom with Rearden Commerce

ReardenI have to apologize for not mentioning Rearden Commerce in my recent post American Express Launches Axiom: Companies Keep Employees Under Their Thumbs. And then I have to apologize for not posting this correction yesterday. I was in Houston all day and didn’t have internet access. Can you believe that? Anyway…

Rearden Commerce is the platform behind the magic of the Intelligent Online Marketplace, and American Express has bought a share in Rearden Commerce.

The mission, according to the Rearden website, is in:

Combining a web-based personal assistant with the world’s largest online marketplace for services, Rearden puts the Web to work on the user’s behalf, automatically coordinating activities and business relationships and finding, scheduling and booking the services people need to get things done. By centralizing all services purchases in a single Web environment, Rearden gives corporations unprecedented visibility and control over spend areas that have historically gone unmanaged.

Sorry for the oversight!