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Avis Chauffer Drive

ChauffeurAvis Rent A Car announced today a new premium service called “Avis Chauffeur Drive” through which Avis customers can rent a car and hire a professional driver at the same time. How cool is that? Chauffeur Drive is the product of a new alliance between Avis and WeDriveU, Inc., a company who provides fully insured and certified chauffeurs. Now, customers enrolled in Avis Preferred or another Avis loyalty program will be able to rent a WeDriveU chauffeur to operate the Avis vehicle of the customer’s choice, adding a new level of convenience and productivity to both business and leisure travel.

“Avis Preferred members can now let a locally-based professional driver worry about traffic, directions, parking and the bags, and the customer can sit back and relax if they’re on vacation, or make the most of their business travel time to get their work done,” said Michael Caron, vice president of product and program development for Avis Budget Group, parent of Avis. “And using Avis Chauffeur Drive can also cost less than hiring a sedan from a limousine service, so it saves the customer money, too.”

I guess you could skip the $10 navigation system add-on if you had your own chauffeur. A driver will set you back $30 per hour with a three-hour minimum, plus standard rental car charges. Customers can rent the vehicle and use a WeDriveU chauffeur during the entire rental period or as needed. If a driver is used more than once during a rental period, the three-hour minimum applies each time. The chauffeur can pick up the Avis rental car for the customer and meet the customer wherever desired, including airline baggage claim or curbside loading zones for airport arrivals, or at a hotel or business meeting location. The driver can also handle the return of the vehicle. Very handy.

Avis Preferred members can reserve their chauffeur by calling (800) 272-5839 at least 24 hours prior to rental pickup time. Customers using Avis Chauffeur Drive will be billed separately for the driver charges by WeDriveU.

Currently, Avis Chauffeur Drive service is available in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Phoenix, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. The service is available for Avis customers enrolled in Avis Preferred, as well as members of the Avis Chairman’s Club, Avis First and Avis President’s Club programs. The service is available at major airports and within a 60-mile
radius of these city centers.

For more information or to enroll in Avis Preferred, go to