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Back in the USA

Tulum RuinsSorry for the silence of the last few days. I made a very rash decision to take off to Mexico last Saturday and have been out of touch since then. On purpose. I needed a little break. My accommodations included a hostel in Tulum Pueblo and a cabana at the beach with a sand floor, hammock and mosquito net and no electricity. Seriously…I loved it! People pay thousands of dollars on all inclusive resorts to relax when all you really need is a comfy hammock and the sounds of waves and an evening shower to get you to sleep.

Tulum BeachThe beach just didn’t seem like the place to write about business travel and I’m pretty confident there was no wireless signal anywhere around. And you know what? This is important for business people. We often rush around so much that we don’t really have time to enjoy our travel.

Take a few days and airline miles and find your own paradise on the beach.

That IS what you’re saving them for, isn’t it? There are thousands of places out there waiting – you just have to find the one that is right for you.

Chichen Itza was the big news in the area, unfortunately I didn’t make it. The Tulum ruins were all they promised to be, though.