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Balanzza Portable Luggage Scale

Balanzza Luggage ScaleBalanzza is a new product that allows you to weight your luggage with ease. When I heard of this product, I was thinking some sort of bathroom scale contraption, but it really looks more like a fish scale. Yes, I know all about fish scales. The Balanzza scale allows travelers to weigh luggage at home and avoid over-weight charges at the airport. Any business traveler should be able to keep it below 50 pounds, but I’m sure there are a few of you out there that struggle with that limitation.

According to the press release, “Balanzza wants travelers to avoid overweight luggage fees at the airport and the inconvenience and embarrassment of having to redistribute belongings at the check-in counter…” I actually have had to do that once and it sucked.

How does it work? You attach the luggage to the scale using the strap, lift the luggage, hold it until you hear a beep (indicating that the weight has been registered and stored on the display), set the luggage down and read the weight. Easy as pie.

The Balanzza scale weighs in at 10 oz. It’s small enough to take with you in case you do a little retail therapy or get a lot of samples from the trade show during your travels.

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