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Best Airline Coach Seats

In this video, NBC Travel Editor Peter Greenberg gives you information on how to score the best seats in coach class, giving them the moniker “secret seats.” Everyone knows the Exit Row and bulkhead seats offer extra legroom. That’s exactly why some airlines have tagged these as Premium Seats, and try to extract a few extra dollars from travelers to book these seats. By the way, avoid the heck out of the first row of Exit Row seats when there are two exit rows (like on a Boeing 737-800). These seats generally DO NOT recline at all. It sounds like a mean joke to play on travelers, but it is in place to keep the reclined seats from blocking the Emergency Exit.

This video gives information on great seats that are more off the radar. Certain rows that offer more leg room or a greater degree of incline, particularly on Boeing 747’s and various American Airlines flights.

My perfect seat? One that is far away from screaming babies, space-invading passengers and loud, gossiping flight attendants in the galley.