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BigString Revolutionary New Email Service Provider


BigString is a new email service that I just learned of from Melissa at Road Gladiator. I am FASCINATED by this service, and yes, it provides business services as well as free personal accounts. If James Bond or Inspector Gadget had a free email account, it would most definitely be with BigString.

With a patent pending technology, BigString allows a user to easily send, recall, erase, self-destruct and modify an email after it has been sent. BigString users have unprecedented control over all of their email, whether they choose to send it through the website or an email client such as Outlook. BigString gives you the advantages of private email and secure email.

What’s so great about this service? Check out these features and see if you don’t divorce g-mail:

  • Self-Destructing Email
  • Recallable/Erasable Email
  • Non-Forwardable Email
  • Non-Printable/Savable Emails
  • Advanced Email Tracking
  • Masquerading
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Secure Email
  • Video Emails
  • Large Attachments
  • Message Highlighting
  • Advanced Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Message Sorting
  • Fun Email Effects
  • Use Your Own Domain Name
  • 30 minute Video Emails
  • Advanced Master Control Panel
  • Advanced Contact Management
  • 24/7 Support

Wow! Self destructing emails!? If security is any sort of concern for your industry, this is HUGE! And we’ve all hit the SEND button a little too early. Well, what if you could still make a change! Non-forwardable messages could come in really handy as well.