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BlueParrott B150 Headset for Road Warriors

Britney SpearsVXI Corporation, the maker of this amazing new headset, is marketing it to truck drivers. Why stop at truck drivers? I’ve encountered as much road noise as any truck driver when on the road in my Accord.

If your drive time is your conference time, the conversation needs to be clear. And these days more and more cities and states are passing handheld usage laws for drivers. This headset can help with both. It features a mic to reduce background noise, volume control and mute functions. No, it doesn’t look as slick as the standard bluetooth ear piece, but it has another great advantage. You can wear it with your sunglasses. That is quite an obsticle when using other hands-free bluetooth devices.

What’s the drawback? It will make you look like some fake Brittany Spears or a boy-band wanna-be. But whose going to see you on the road anyway?