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Boingo Wireless for Mac and iPhone

Boingo Wireless put out the word today at MacWorld 2009 that they will now offer Apple connectivity on all levels, including the continuation of Boingo software for the Macintosh and the new Boingo Mobile for iPhone and iPod Touch.

With the Boingo laptop software, the Mac community has a convenient and affordable way to access Boingo Wi-Fi at more than 100,000 hotspots worldwide. The software simplifies the process of logging in to Wi-Fi hotspots, and is a great tool for people who want high-speed Internet without the hassle of searching for coverage, memorizing multiple usernames and passwords, and paying different Wi-Fi providers at various locations.

Boingo has introduced a new Boingo Wireless application for those of us blessed with an iPhone or iPod Touch. With a Boingo Mobile account, you can use the application to log into more than 100,000 locations around the world; the cost of the Boingo application in the iTunes store is free, while the monthly cost for worldwide access with Boingo Mobile is $7.95 per month.

Why would you want to pay for this service when you can 1. use the 3G or Edge network to connect or 2. use the FREE AT&T wireless that is provided with your phone? Well, first of all the AT&T deal only applies to those of us with AT&T service. It doesn’t work for people who have purchased the iPhone in another country and it doesn’t work for people who have or plan to unlock their iPhones to use with another cellular provider. And if you use the 3G or Edge for any type of data access while in a foreign land, you can plan to pay through the nose for it.

So if you’re an American and you travel abroad a lot, it might be worth $8 a month to have Wi-Fi access. It’s generally much more pricey at hotels in Europe and the UK for a single day of service. Otherwise, you can probably just count on the free stuff.