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Book Review: Getting Lost: Mishaps of an Accidental Nomad

Getting Lost* Name: Getting Lost: Mishaps of an Accidental Nomad
* Author: Dave Fox
* Year Published: 2006
* Details: Paperback, 255 pages
* Awards/Recognitions: Not Yet
* BTL Recommends: Definitely
* Key Locations: The World (seriously, it’s just too hard to narrow this one down)
* Review: I laughed so hard at Dave’s mention of the Hooters in Interlaken, Switzerland that I got a few strange looks from people passing by. I guess I looked like yet another crazy person at the airport. Yes, there is a Hooters in Interlaken, Switzerland. I’ve seen it and it really is horribly out of place. Dave and I both passed on the wings.

Getting Lost will remind every traveler of the times when they were pretty certain they would have to sleep in a cornfield or ate mysterious animal parts in a foreign country or threw up in the Atlantic Ocean (oh, that’s me). There were some parts of the book that I couldn’t relate to, such as the short wave radio obsession (what can I say, I’ve grown up more in the internet-obsession era) and the 80’s music references. But I can definitely picture Dave (in my mind he looks like Ralphie from A Christmas Story) wearing tights in an English play and snapping photos in Tunisia. Think of your top 5 travel mishap stories, multiply by 12 and you have Getting Lost.

When you’re wondering why everything goes wrong for you when you travel, pick up Dave’s book and you’ll remember that it happens to everyone. It will make you feel good about your lost luggage.