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BooksOnBoard Audio Book Downloads

BooksOnBoard is a company that offers you audio books to download from all of your favorite authors like John Grisham and James Patterson. BooksOnBoard is proud to be the first independent online bookseller to offer both subscription-free and DRM-free MP3 audio books from major publishers. The company is offering a 30% off deal on many new MP3 titles on the website. BooksOnBoard also continues to offer DRM WMA titles.

According to BooksOnBoard CEO Bob LiVolsi, “We charge no fees or monthly dues. Audio Book listeners no longer have to make a long-term subscription commitment to get audio books at good prices for their iPods and other devices. New MP3 audio books work in most devices through the free media console. For example, you need only connect your iPod to your PC, click synchronize; the audio automatically downloads to the device.”

The free media console provided by BooksOnBoard makes transferring the MP3 audio books a breeze. The files are DRM free, meaning there is no additional conversion required after download.

You can get popular titles from Stephen King, Anne Rice, David Baldacci, Mary Balogh, Sandra Brown, Amanda Quick, Julie Garwood, Suzanne Brockman, Lee Child, and Tom Clancy.

This is a great deal for the road warriors out there. You can only listen to the radio for so long without it getting old. Especially when you’re out in the boondocks where the only stations you get are NPR and some country station.