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BootsnAll Travel Network Launches Amsterdam Travel Resource

Amsterdam Flower MarketBootsnAll Travel Network, my parent company and the coolest travel network on the planet, is happy to announce the official launch of the Amsterdam Logue. The Amsterdam Logue is, as promised, the Ultimate Amsterdam Travel Guide.

What’s so great about the Amsterdam Logue? It combines the concrete information you expect from a travel guide about the Venice of the North, including information on hotels, attractions, drugs and bike rentals with the constantly updated content of a blog. You get the best of both worlds with this site, and they’ve thrown in a forum for those questions you need an answer to before your trip or during.

Like every site in the BootsnAll network, the Amsterdam Logue is written and updated on a resident expert, like me with the business travel thing :).

Even if you’re only in the airport, this site offers a great layover guide to let you see a little of the city.

My personal recommendation for Amsterdam? Don’t miss the club Amsterdam or Amsterdams, the details were fuzzy by the time we got there. Great times!