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Boozing it Up at the Movies: Muvico Theaters

Movie ReelI’ve never been a big fan of going to movie theaters by myself. But it is something to do on the road and Muvico makes it a thousand times better by offering premium services. What is so special about these theaters? They have GREAT amenities, including 21 and over shows, more comfortable seating and even A BAR!

With several locations in Florida, one in Memphis, Tennessee and one in Hanover, Maryland, your Muvico options are a little limited outside the sunshine state. I’ve visited the Centro Ybor in Tampa a while back and had a great time. Nothing makes Will Ferrell funnier than knocking back a couple of drinks. With food that is way more edible than a standard theater, you won’t feel bad about using your dinner per-diem at the movie.

A movie could also be a good way to entertain a client who is a little less than a chatty-cathy. You have the movie to watch so you don’t have to come up with dinner conversation for two hours.