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Boozing It Up in the Sky With Your MasterCard – Just Another Reason I Heart American

MartiniNothing tastes better at 30,000 feet than a good strong cocktail. Okay, I like a good drink at any altitude but the cocktails in the sky are the subject here.

Many of us who fly frequently don’t have cash – ever. That has made the sky a dry, thirsty place (like Wrigley Field) for those of us who live on the plastic. That all stops now. Over the past few months, American Airlines (not including American Eagle or American Connection) has been the first major U.S. airline to begin offering the option to pay for drinks with your credit card or debit card on ALL flights.


Not a raging alcoholic? The new plan still benefits you. You can purchase food and headsets with your card as well.

By the way, airlines, when are you going to start carrying Captain Morgan? Seriously.