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BottleWise Wine Travel Bags

I love wine. But since the whole inception of the airline liquid rules, importing wine from my various travel destinations around the world has become a pain in the neck. You can’t take your wine on the plane unless you purchase it in duty free (where the selection is much more limited) and even if you do, you can’t carry it on to a connecting flight from an international destination. So I was really excited to read the press release for BottleWise. BottleWise is a company that offers a selection of “travel solutions for the culinary traveler,” including a new line of wine travel bags that allows air travelers to safely transport not one but two bottles inside their checked luggage. Very exciting news.

Available now, BottleWise is offering a limited edition line with both an all-leather and an accent version of the popular BottleWise Duo bags. So, you can purchase your business contact or client a nice bottle of wine or two, and put it in a nice looking package that travels with you. Very handy. I wish someone would bring me one.

BottleWise Duo is a padded, liquid-tight bottle protection system that provides peace of mind for anyone who’s tried to bring home wine or spirits from their travels. For gift givers, the innovative carrier removes the stress and intimidation of shopping for the wine lover on your list.

The two bottle thing is especially handy as the import rules for most counties is…two bottles of wine. Somebody was using his (or her) head designing that one.

What do you get with this bag?

  • TSA-friendly design
  • Two padded liquid-tight Bot’lPaks
  • Carrying shell with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Unconditional lifetime guarantee
  • Choice of colors and styles
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship

The limited edition line is Made in the USA, and features the BottleWise Duo LX and BottleWise Duo TX.

  • BottleWise Duo LX: This all-leather wine travel bag is made of 2.8 oz. top-grain garment leather with a chromium finish for a durable yet supple feel that just gets better with age. Price $125.00. Colors: Cognac, Steel.
  • BottleWise Duo TX: Crafted with durable Denier Cordura® fabric and other high-quality materials, BottleWise Duo TX features vinyl trim accents to give a classic look to an innovative product. Price $65.95. Colors: Olive with brown accent and Bordeaux with black accent.

    You can get yours online at, or from select wine and travel retailers around the US.