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Brightroam Global Cellular Service

BrightroamBrightroam is a cellular carrier who recently announced the availability of SIM cards, which are designed to help global travelers save up to 80% on international roaming charges. Brightroam offers contract-free monthly billing rate plans and a comprehensive portfolio of local SIM cards and global roaming SIM cards. So it’s more or less Cricket Wireless on a global scale. The company offers service in over 90 countries and provides a cost-competitive and convenient alternative to international pre-paid SIM cards.

From the press release, “Brightroam has helped make it more affordable to conduct business in key growth markets like China. As a frequent overseas business traveler, I was paying up to $2 per minute in roaming costs and receiving cell phone bills of up to $1,000,” said Louis Selincourt, an early adopter of the Brightroam service. “Brightroam has cut per-minute roaming fees by over 75 percent. Beyond cost savings, I have been extremely pleased with the level of customer service I’ve received and the range of additional features that make the product easy-to-use and keep me connected with business colleagues and partners when I’m on the road.”

Brightroam offers local SIM cards for Australia, China, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and India. For those traveling to other and multiple destinations, the Brightroam World service provides coverage in over 90 countries and free incoming calls in more than 40 countries. Sounds like a good deal.

Unlike pre-paid SIM cards available overseas, the Brightroam service is designed specifically for North American travelers. It includes features such as English voice mail and support and low airtime rates back to North America. The unique contract-free approach to billing enables customers to pay only for the airtime they use and avoid call interruptions due to low credit – all without a contract or recurring fees. Brightroam is the first to offer this type of service with low rates more common to pre-paid services.

Brightroam SIM cards work with any unlocked GSM handset. My RAZR is supposed to be unlocked, but Cingular never bothered sending me the code following my request. Instead I’ve incurred some ugly charges. For customers who do not already have an unlocked GSM phone, Brightroam offers low cost bundles with an unlocked GSM handset and the user’s choice of SIM card. These bundles start at $99.