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Brookstone’s Wireless Baseball SportsCaster

Baseball Scorecast

Brookstone has one SUPER fun new product that you may want to get for yourself (it’s hard to keep up with scores when you’re on the road and text message updates aren’t always reliable) AND a great gift to think about for your baseball-loving clients this holiday season. And if you’re really addicted to your fantasy team, it’s a must-have. What am I talking about? The new Baseball SportsCaster.

The SportsCaster displays schedules, standings and inning-by-inning scores for all 30 MLB teams, thanks to a free and continually updated wireless signal. Hell yes. Know what else? the Baseball SportsCaster also shows the starting pitcher for each game and tracks stats and standings throughout the year, including spring training, regular season and post-season.

I think I’m in love with this gadget! It’s a bargain at $99.