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Brookstone’s New Sona Pillow Prevents Snoring

Brookstone recently launched a new anti-snoring pillow called the Sona Pillow. The Sona Pillow was designed to promote a comfortable side-sleeping position, which is clinically proven to help stop snoring and treat mild sleep apnea.

The Sona Pillow was developed by a Florida neurologist Dr. Najeeb Zuberi, M.D., and the makers claim it has already helped thousands of users and their partners get a more restful night’s sleep. “According to a study published in the medical journal, Sleep and Breathing, people who used the Sona Pillow generally snored less often, took in more oxygen and experienced better overall sleep.” As a person who NEVER sleeps well, I’m a big fan of any product that may help.

What’s so great about this pillow?

Users place one arm comfortably under the pillow’s sleeping surface in a recessed space and remain in a naturally comfortable side-sleeping position thanks to the pillow’s triangular design and raised center. The contour of the Sona Pillow helps people avoid sleeping on their back where they are more likely to snore and places them in a side position with the head facing downward. This sleeping position moves the jaw forward and helps to keep the airway open, which helps to avoid snoring and leads to a better night’s sleep for both the user and his or her partner.

The Sona Pillow is made of cotton and filled with hypoallergenic poly fiberfill, and retails for $99. It is available exclusively at Brookstone stores and online at If you need one while you’re away, Brookstone seems to have retail stores in many of our nations larger airports, although you may pay a premium.