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Schooners in Panama City Beach, Florida: Bushwhackers in the Riviera

Today I had an overpriced tuna steak at Schooner’s (the self proclaimed Last Locals Beach Club) in Panama City Beach and a few Bushwhackers.

Bushwhackers, rather than something from the Australian outback, are frozen drinks that are kind of chocolaty. This drink is something I would NEVER order at a bar at home, but for whatever reason it is a Gulf Coast tradition. They are REALLY yummy.

The steak was really good, you just pay a premium for the real estate.

PelicanI went to the back yard of the beach bar (the beach) to watch the beginning of the sunset and enjoy my final Bushwhacker. That’s where I saw the flock of pelicans hunting for dinner. I love pelicans. I’m no ornithologist, so I don’t know if these are a resurgence of the brown pelican or some other type. I do know the brown pelicans were endangered, or at least protected, a few years ago so I hope that is the case.

The rest of the sunset was ruined by the incoming storm. Just to sum up, my final two beach obsessions (besides the dunes) are storms at sea and meteor showers. The storm was coming from land, so it wasn’t as amazing as watching the lighting far out in the ocean.

There were still hoards of families out catching crabs, so I decided to call it a night. Maybe I’ll go back out soon in the hopes that the families have finally put the kids to bed.