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Business Card Scanner – Scan Direct to Outlook

AmbirAmbir Technology, Inc. recently announced their new product, Ambir Scan2Contacts, which scans business cards directly to Microsoft Outlook. This is a first of its kind in the scanner industry, requiring no intermediary software. It goes straight from the scanner to Outlook. Because the majority of business people use Outlook, this could be a huge help to us all.

According to the PR people at Ambir:

Scan2Contacts is a fully-integrated add-on to Microsoft Outlook, delivering automatic new contact entry into what has become the de facto standard for business users to store contact information. Because it works directly from within Outlook, Scan2Contacts is the only business card scanning solution that eliminates the need for a third party application before information can be imported into Outlook, making it the most simplified and convenient system available to scan business cards into Outlook.

All that, just to save we business travelers a few minutes and some dough. Thanks, guys.

The Scan2Contacts is connected via USB and compact enough to stick in your laptop bag to take on the road if that’s your thing. That’s always been one of my office-day activities.

As much of a pain in the neck as the contacts portion of Outlook is, scanning the cards is probably MUCH easier than entering contact details manually. Scan2Contacts is available now for about $200.00.

Via PRWeb.