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Business Class on Aeromexico

Like many airlines these days, Aeromexico does not offer multiple classes above coach – there is Economy Class, and then there is Business Class on Aeromexico. Also like many other airlines, Aeromexico has a special name for its Business Class service – they call it Clase Premier. The “Premier” theme extends off the plane, as well, as the Aeromexico lounges available at some Mexico airports are called Salon Premier, the airline’s frequent flyer program is called Club Premier, and the whole segment of Aeromexico dedicated to Business Class and frequent travelers is called Mundo Premier.

Aeromexico’s own website says that Clase Premier is “a world of unparalleled luxury,” but as you will see from the information below Business Class on Aeromexico – while comfortable and obviously preferable to coach – is not exactly “unparalleled.” The cabin configuration varies depending on the aircraft you board, so the information below is for a Boeing 777-200 or the new configuration of the Boeing 767-200/300, both of which have the highest level of Clase Premier.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats recline to a lie-flat position (not horizontal with floor)
  • Seats are considered “mini-pods,” with plastic shells for increased privacy
  • Seats are upholstered in leather
  • Seats have electric controls for lumbar support and other features

Food & Beverages

  • Meals are designed in part by renowned Mexican chef Monica Patino
  • Menus feature both Mexican and international dishes
  • Menus for passengers with dietary restrictions are available, including vegetarian, vegan, low-cholesterol, diabetic, sodium-free, soft food diets, and kosher (on international flights)
  • Selection of fine wines and champagne available on board


  • Each seat has personal video screen
  • On-demand entertainment includes movies, TV shows, video games, and audio programming

Other Amenities

  • Complimentary amenity kits on long-haul flights include aromatherapy products
  • Passengers traveling in Clase Premier have exclusive access to Salon Premier lounges in certain airports in Mexico

photo by ahisgett