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Business Class on Air India

biz_airindiaAir India‘s First Class cabins are the utmost in luxury, so it makes sense that Business Class on Air India would be something special as well. One word of caution, however – if you’ll never be able to afford it, don’t even look at First Class on Air India or even their extremely nice Business Class cabins will pale in comparison.

Focusing on Air India’s Business Class – which is called Executive Class, incidentally – isn’t difficult, however, especially once you’re on board. The cabins and service are top-notch, and you’ll definitely travel in comfort. The specific cabin configurations will vary depending on the aircraft you’re on, so for this article we’re going to list the details of the cabins on Boeing 777-200LR aircraft. You’ll find some notes at the bottom of the article about what other cabin configurations might be like.

Seat & Bed

  • Seats on the B777-200LR aircraft recline to a lie-flat position (although not horizontal to the floor)
  • Not all seats on B777-200LR are aisle or window; it’s a 2-3-2 configuration
  • Seats are 19.5″ wide

Food & Beverages

  • Meals served on Royal Doulton fine bone china
  • Three menu options on each flight
  • Fine wines, champagne, and cocktails available throughout each flight


  • Each seat has personal video screen with movies, TV shows, and audio programming
  • Air India is upgrading all of its entertainment systems to on-demand service on 747-400 and 777 aircraft

Other Amenities

  • Complimentary amenity kit
  • Business Class passengers get to make use of reserved check-in lines and airport lounges

On Air India flights that are on other aircraft besides the Boeing 777-200LR, the biggest variable in terms of what you can expect the cabin to be like is the seat. Only the 777-200LR has a lie-flat seat, but on other aircraft every passenger is guaranteed either a window or aisle seat based on the cabin configuration. The 747s have the widest seats at 23″ wide.

The rest of the amenities listed above are essentially the same across all aircraft in the Business Class level of service.